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First night seriously going at Tumbling in a minute,

a Synopsis of what I think you’ve missed;

  • I hate everyone
  • I don’t trust anyone
  • I think everyone’s retarded
    - all of these exclude; jay, hannah, meagan, family, izzy, krista, some randoms
  • I’ve re-gained weight
    - I want to fucking lose it again
  • I’m bitter
  • I drink a lot more than I used to
    - PBR tastes better out of a can
  • I like valium and xanax
    - yea, xanax still
  • My dog is cooler than most people
  • I’d rather sleep or hang out with one of the people I listed above
  • I bake a lot now
  • I’m making more dreamcatchers
  • I need a job so I can be productive
  • I want more money
  • I want a house
  • I want to work a lot and only have to deal with a little bit of a social life
    - that’d be sweet
  • I am very happy with my wonderful boyfriend, and glad he’s my best friend, too.

I just don’t feel like I really make sense anymore, ya know? How do I feel? I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of one of those insanely, retardedly elaborate snow globes & ole boy got shook up. Probably dropped off the shelf and put back up, because it was a fucking crazy ride down. I know I’m back in the right position now, though, but I’m still waiting for all the pieces to really settle, so I can get a grasp on what’s going on again… because right now it doesn’t make sense and I can’t really see all that far in front of my face / ahead of right now- and it doesn’t really feel like there’s much else out there or ahead of me… but I know there is.

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Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

our every night > your date night.
PBR, N64, Mario Kart. 

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